Team 2017/18

Great things in business are never done by one person. - Steve Jobs

The Board

since 16/17: Chief Executive Officer
15/16: Member of the Board, Motors
13/14-14/15: Controls

Julian Stähler
Chief Executive Officer

17/18: Member of the Board, LiDAR
16/17: Member of the Board
15/16: Manager Battery Systems
14/15: Member Electric

Maxim Kaufmann
Member of the Board

since 16/17: Member of the Board
15/16: Eventmanagement

Franziska Müller
Member of the Board

Team Leader

17/18: Teamcaptain
16/17: Brakes

Carsten Rill

17/18: Head of Mechanic
16/17: CFRP Production, Accumulator Handcart

Sebastian Rauß
Head of Mechanic

17/18: Head of Electric
16/17: Electronics

Armin Straller
Head of Electric


17/18: Manager Aerodynamics
16/17: Tractive-System Wiring

Tristan Wiedemann
Manager Aerodynamics

17/18: Manager Chassis
16/17: Safety

Dominik Sandner
Manager Chassis

17/18: Manager Drivetrain
16/17: Manufacturing

Maximilian Schweikert
Manager Drivetrain

17/18: Manager Suspension
16/17: Testing

Polina Khalina
Manager Suspension

17/18: Manager Ergonomics
16/17: Brackets, Brakes

Vincent Schaffrath
Manager Ergonomics

17/18: Steering Wheel

Stephanie Speiser
Steering Wheel

17/18: Prototype Testing

Kim Zi Tan
Prototype Testing

17/18: CAD, Simulation

Jahn Rehmet
CAD, Simulation

17/18: CAD Simulation
16/17: CAD

Marco Rizzo
CAD Simulation

17/18: Lightweight Construction, CAD

Patrick Wagner
Lightweight Construction, CAD

17/18: Drag Reduction System

Anne-Mira Thanner
Drag Reduction System

17/18: Simulation, Sponsoring

Jerome Noglinski
Simulation, Sponsoring

17/18: Drag Reduction System
16/17: Gearbox

Moritz Kimmerl
Drag Reduction System

17/18: Mechanical Manufacturing

Benedikt Pelz
Mechanical Manufacturing

17/18: Laminate testing, Monocoque
16/17: Head of Mechanic
15/16: Laminate testing, Monocoque

Robin Lipp
Laminate testing, Monocoque

17/18: CAD

Alexander Michel

17/18: Laminate Testing, Simulation
16/17: Laminate Testing, Simulation

Jonathan Lorenz
Laminate Testing, Simulation

17/18: Manufacturing

Mathias Baumgartner

17/18: Heat Exchange Master

Benedikt Günther
Heat Exchange Master

17/18: Member Drivetrain

Robert Lairich
Member Drivetrain

17/18: Member Drivetrain

Marius Wilde
Member Drivetrain

17/18: Damper

Manuel Mikszas

17/18: Upright

Kai Westwood

17/18: Wheels & Tires

Adrian Lorenz
Wheels & Tires

17/18: Brackets, Rods

Niklas Mack
Brackets, Rods

since 16/17: Brake System

Carsten Rill
Brake System

17/18: Steering

Benjamin Keilhau

17/18: Brackets, Rods

Dirk Böttner
Brackets, Rods


17/18: Manager Battery Systems
16/17: HV Accumulator (CAD)

Julian Lamprecht
Manager Battery Systems

17/18: Manager Controls
16/17: Inverter Control, TCS, DRS

Mario Mair
Manager Controls

17/18: Manager Tractive System

Eugen Romaschenko
Manager Tractive System

17/18: Manager Electronics
16/17: Electronics

Armin Straller
Manager Electronics

17/18: Battery Management

Leon Ranke
Battery Management

17/18: LV-Accumulator

Heiko Hummel

17/18: Member Battery Systems
16/17: Manager Electronics
15/16: Hardware

Stefan Gommert
Member Battery Systems

17/18: Battery Management

Leo Hillinger
Battery Management

17/18: Circuit Board HV-Accumulator

Dennis Religa
Circuit Board HV-Accumulator

17/18: Member Controls & Tractive System

Dinh Viet Duc Luu
Member Controls & Tractive System

17/18: Processor Board

Benedikt Ott
Processor Board

17/18: Wire Harness
16/17: Steering-Fronthoop Connection

Sabrina Klug
Wire Harness

17/18: Current Measurement

Jonas Schmittfull
Current Measurement

17/18: PCB Development

Quentin Nohl
PCB Development

17/18: Member Controls & Tractive System
16/17: Power Limitation

Benjamin Sawazki
Member Controls & Tractive System

17/18: TSAL

Georg Bühler

17/18: BSPD

Marco Westermair

17/18: Member Electronics

Khaled Atta
Member Electronics

17/18: Brakelight, Sensor Unit

Benedikt Degenstein
Brakelight, Sensor Unit


17/18: Manager PR & Media
16/17: Manager Marketing

Julia Weber
Manager PR & Media

17/18: Manager Organisation
16/17: Head of Operations

Carolin Haupt
Manager Organisation

17/18: Project Leader Social Media

Elisabeth Mess
Project Leader Social Media

17/18: Project Leader Newsletter

Lisa Ziegler
Project Leader Newsletter

17/18: Lead Design
16/17: Design
15/16: Infrastructure

Anika Schedler
Lead Design

17/18: Design, Content

Valentin Rogg

17/18: Newsletter
16/17: Cooling

Jan Wiedemann

since 16/17: Design

Phillip Baur

17/18: Video Production
16/17: Rollout Video, Social Media

Marcus Lange
Video Production

17/18:  Media

Dominik Ramljak

17/18: Newsletter
16/17: Marketing

Tamara Möst

17/18: Design

Alexandra Haag

17/18: Homepage

Emanuele Lamanna

17/18: Eventmangement, Cost Report Driverless

Elena Zehnder
Eventmangement, Cost Report Driverless

17/18: Eventmanagement

Tina Jahn

17/18: Eventmanagement

Roksana Dulgos

17/18: Eventmanagement
16/17: Manager Eventmanagement

Lisa Nagel


17/18: CTO Driverless
16/17: Controls

Mathias Pechinger
CTO Driverless

17/18: Mechanical System Driverless
16/17: Electronics

Thomas Hennig
Mechanical System Driverless

17/18: Electric Harness

Lucca Duile
Electric Harness

17/18: Sensor Fusion, Mapping, Trajectory Planning

Christoph Winter

17/18: Member Driverless

Leopold Wagner
Member Driverless

17/18: Member Driverless
16/17: Head of Electric
15/16: Hardware

Stephan Ruber
Member Driverless

17/18: Member of the Board, LiDAR
16/17: Member of the Board
15/16: Manager Battery Systems
14/15: Member Electric

Maxim Kaufmann

17/18: Computer Vision
16/17: Perception

Christian Scheglmann
Computer Vision

17/18: Perception
16/17: Perception

Juljan Sandkühler

17/18: Trajectory Planing

Korbinian Schalkhammer
Trajectory Planing


17/18: Mentor Infrastructure
16/17: Head of Driverless
15/16: Chief Technical Officer
14/15: CAN
13/14: Testing

Michael Brandl
Mentor Infrastructure

17/18: Mentor Controls
16/17: Processingbord
15/16: Manager Electronics
14/15: Sensors & Harness

Simon Diehl
Mentor Controls