Team 2019/20

Great things in business are never done by one person. - Steve Jobs

The Board

since 18/19: Chief Executive Officer
17/18: Manager Aerodynamics
16/17: Tractive-System Wiring

Tristan Wiedemann
Chief Executive Officer

since 18/19: Member of the Board
17/18: Manager Controls
16/17: Inverter Control, TCS, DRS

Mario Mair
Member of the Board

19/20: Member of the Board
18/19: Member of the Board, Head of Operations
17/18: Eventmangement, Cost Report Driverless

Elena Zehnder
Member of the Board

Team Captain & Project Leader

19/20: Team Captain
18/19: Project Leader DV
17/18: Circuit Board HV-Accumulator

Dennis Religa
Team Captain

19/20: Project Leader EV, Battery Systems
18/19: Steering Driverless

Jonas Pappe
Project Leader EV, Battery Systems

19/20: Project Leader DV
18/19: LiDAR Mounting

Nico Haja
Project Leader DV


19/20: Head of Mechanic
18/19: Drivetrain

Christian Zehendner
Head of Mechanic

19/20: Manager Aerodynamics
18/19: Aerodynamics CAD CFD

Niklas Dittiger
Manager Aerodynamics

19/20: Manager Chassis
18/19: Drivetrain

Carolin Lupprian
Manager Chassis

19/20: Manager Suspension
18/19: Steering System DV, Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
17/18: Drag Reduction System
16/17: Gearbox

Moritz Kimmerl
Manager Suspension

19/20: Design Engineer CAD
18/19: CAD

Florian Herlan
Design Engineer CAD

19/20: CFRP Production
18/19: Statics EV
17/18: Manager PR & Media
16/17: Manager Marketing

Julia Weber
CFRP Production

19/20: Member Aerodynamics

Felix Bukowski
Member Aerodynamics

since 18/19: CFRP Production

Sabrina Hartwig
CFRP Production

19/20: Laminate Testing

Tobias Suciu
Laminate Testing

19/20: Lightweight Construcion CAD
18/19: Mechanical Design

Lorenz Walther
Lightweight Construcion CAD

19/20: LiDAR Mounting

David Grass
LiDAR Mounting

19/20: CFRP Production

Kitty Horn
CFRP Production

19/20: Member Drivetrain

Ruben Weisshaar
Member Drivetrain

19/20: Member Suspension

Janik Merk
Member Suspension

19/20: Member Suspension

Julian Hasse
Member Suspension

19/20: Member Suspension

Thomas Scholten
Member Suspension


19/20: Head of Electric, Battery Systems
18/19: Vehicle Controls

Daniel Lengerer
Head of Electric, Battery Systems

19/20: Manager Battery Systems
18/19: HV Accumulator

Laura Santl
Manager Battery Systems

19/20: Manager Vehicle Controls, Battery Systems
18/19: Electronics

Samuel Leitenmaier
Manager Vehicle Controls, Battery Systems

19/20: Battery Management

Patricia Sonner
Battery Management

19/20: DV Steering Power Supply

Alexander Blum
DV Steering Power Supply

19/20: Battery Management

Nicolas Rieger
Battery Management

19/20: LV Accumulator, Battery Management

Tobias Widmann
LV Accumulator, Battery Management

19/20: Laptime measurement

Konrad Kellner
Laptime measurement

19/20: Telemetry

Moritz Schober

19/20: Member Electronics

Juri Richter
Member Electronics

19/20: TSAL

Kosmas Wernhard

19/20: Member Electronics

Wiktor Gasior
Member Electronics

19/20: Wire Harness
18/19: Electrical System

Anton Kohler
Wire Harness

since  18/19: LV PCB

Benedikt Demharter

19/20: Processor Board

Thomas Bader
Processor Board

19/20: Sensor Unit
18/19: Head of Competence Electric
17/18: Brakelight, Sensor Unit

Benedikt Degenstein
Sensor Unit

19/20: Member Electronics

Benedikt Gerstmeier
Member Electronics


19/20: Head of Operations
18/19: Member Operations

Katharina Möckl
Head of Operations

19/20: Manager Social Media, Cost Report DV
18/19: Social Media, Cost Report DV

Emma Schweiger
Manager Social Media, Cost Report DV

19/20: Newsletter, Homepage
18/19: Newsletter, Cost Report DV

Julia Strobl
Newsletter, Homepage

19/20: Member Operations

Annika John
Member Operations

19/20: Informatics
18/19: Mechanical System Driverless
17/18: Mechanical System Driverless
16/17: Electronics

Thomas Hennig

19/20: Homepage

Tamara Scholle

19/20: Cost Report, Newsletter
18/19: Newsletter, Cost Report DV

Ulla Moroff
Cost Report, Newsletter


19/20: Manager Driverless Software
18/19: Neural Network & ROS Logging

Fatih Karakuzu
Manager Driverless Software

19/20: Driverless Software
18/19: Sensor Fusion & Trajectory Planing

Phillip Strobl
Driverless Software

19/20: Perception, ROS Architecture
18/19: Mapping, Trajectory Planning

Ivo Ivanov
Driverless Software


19/20: Mentor DV Software, ROS Architecture, SLAM
18/19: Sensor fusion, SLAM, Trajectory Planning, ROS Architecture
17/18: Sensor Fusion, Mapping, Trajectory Planning

Christoph Winter
Mentor SLAM

since 18/19: Mentor Design
17/18: Lead Design
16/17: Design
15/16: Infrastructure

Anika Schedler
Mentor Design

19/20: Mentor Manufacturing
18/19: Aerodynamics, Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
17/18: Mechanical Manufacturing

Benedikt Pelz

19/20: Mentor Chassis, Aerodynamics
18/19: Head of Competence Mechanic
17/18: Lightweight Construction, CAD

Patrik Wagner
Mentor Chassis, Aerodynamics

since 18/19: Mentor Chassis
17/18: Manager Chassis
16/17: Safety

Dominik Sandner
Mentor Chassis

19/20: Mentor Drivetrain
18/19: Drivetrain
17/18: Manager Drivetrain
16/17: Manufacturing

Maximilian Schweikert
Mentor Drivetrain

19/20: Mentor Mechanic
18/19: Suspension
17/18: Head of Mechanic
16/17: CFRP Production, Accumulator Handcart

Sebastian Rauß
Mentor Mechanic

19/20: Mentor HV Accumulator, Driverless, Administration
18/19: LiDAR & HV Accumulator Driverless
17/18: Member of the Board, LiDAR
16/17: Member of the Board
15/16: Manager Battery Systems
14/15: Member Electric

Maxim Kaufmann
Mentor HV Accumulator, Driverless

19/20: Mentor Electrical Engineering, Battery Systems
18/19: Project Leader EV
17/18: Manager Battery Systems
16/17: HV Accumulator (CAD)

Julian Lamprecht
Mentor Electrical Engineering, Battery Systems